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Hurricane Harvey Relief Continues

We have all been more than a little consumed by the effects of Hurricane Harvey.  In talking to people I find myself referencing my life before the hurricane and after the hurricane. It is a very strange phenomenon but it seems to be the new normal at least for me. The efforts continue. I have tried to put out as much information as I possibly can on relief efforts on my Facebook page.  In a recent meeting with Governor Abbott in Port Aransas the Governor just flat out said relief is coming. His comments were very specific that the combination of private insurance first and then FEMA funds and Community Block Grant Development funds would provide enough financial relief for housing and schools to be rebuilt. Here is what we discussed:

  1. Housing- The mayor of Port Aransas asked for and was assured that 200 temporary trailers would be forthcoming to help the 200 families that were displaced in Port Aransas. The above listed monies would then help to rebuild primary residences in Port A and Aransas Pass and places affected by Harvey
  2. The schools-It was reported that 15 million dollars would be needed to repair or rebuild the Port Aransas schools. Again, the Governor believes there will be funds from the sources listed above.
  3. Displaced workers-The TWC has grant money for workers who no longer have jobs because the businesses they worked for are not operating currently. The worker has to work but it will be paid for with these grants. Please call the Texas Workforce Commission for more information.
  4. The Texas General Land office will take over the relief effort in Texas BUT you still must apply through FEMA to get relief. If you have FEMA related issues with hotel extension or FEMA denials please call the following for help in Congressman Farenthold’s office:
  5. JD Kennedy–hotel extension issues at (361)813-7434
  6. Nicole Beamer –FEMA denial at (361) 884-2222



It was a big day on Monday October 16. That is the day that the Marlin students headed to their home school. Let me say how moving it was to witness how special the Flour Bluff Independent School District treated and welcomed the Port Aransas students while they were displaced. I was in Port Aransas on Friday before the Marlins headed back to school and to watch the dedication of the Port Aransas ISD as they prepared for the students return almost brought me to tears. Everyone is trying to find some normal. When 397 students showed back up for school a little “normal” came back. Please continue to pray for these students, teachers and parents for a smooth transition.


On Thursday October 26 London ISD sent a lot of wonderful students to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. My office coordinated this event since I represent both London ISD and Port Aransas ISD. Not only did the students do work while in Port A they also donated money to Port A schools for Harvey Relief. WOW is all I can say about these kid’s generosity and spirt of helping and giving back.

I am also pleased to announce that my office brought a drug prevention program to London ISD. What a great way to tackle a problem proactively before it is a problem rather than after. I applaud the London ISD staff and administration for caring so much about their great kids and tackling an issue BEFORE it becomes a problem. London ISD is a great school district and all involved at London should be very proud to be a Pirate.


I have already mentioned what a wonderful school district Flour Bluff is and how welcoming they were to Port Aransas students. I also had the fun and honor to participate as their County Commissioner in the 2017 Homecoming parade. That is always a fun parade to participate in. I enjoyed walking with the Flour Bluff School board members as their dedication to Flour Bluff students is second to none.


It is always nice to see my friend and head of Seashore Schools Colleen McIntyre. But to see her face at the Padre Island Business Association meeting when it was announced her school system would be the beneficiary of a $25,000 gift was truly priceless. The damage suffered by Seashore according to Colleen after insurance would still leave them a gap of somewhere in the $45,000 range. The $25,000 gift given will go a long way in helping that great school district.

It is an honor to serve and I look forward to being your Nueces County Commissioner for many years to come. Please call on me if I can assist in anyway. My email is and my office number is 361-888-0268. Have a blessed day!

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