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Spring Break Is In The Air

My first Spring on the island after moving here from Denver was March 2011. Both of my children students at Flour Bluff. My daughter in 8th grade and my son a Junior.

I had no idea what to expect. Many people had told tales about the stores being so packed that you needed to shop the week before. Back ups on the bridge for hours at a time. So, we prepared as though we were preparing for the Apocalypse! Stocked up on food and bottled water. Rented movies. We planned to “Ride out the storm at home”.

Quite the contrary, life was mostly business as usual. There were a couple of exceptions, of course. The stores and gas stations were a bit congested and I think every bag of ice on the island is sold out within the first couple of hours each day. But overall, I felt like it was much tamer than what I was led to believe.

A little planning and preparedness will go a long way. Definitely do a little extra shopping early. Gas up the cars. And don’t forget plenty of ice (SONIC will sell you a bag, in a pinch). If we’re prepared, and educated about what to expect, we can enjoy our time here along with our temporary “Islanders”.

Caller Times has a list of beach restrictions for North Padre and Mustang Islands. You will find the hours when alcohol will be permitted, parking, pets, etc.

We are ambassadors of our community and therefore we have a responsibility to assist our guests. Let’s show them the best ways to celebrate. Because we all know, when you end up in a Spring Break video on Social Media, it’s not because you were demonstrating good decision-making skills…

Whether you are new to the island or an island native, please remember that we are a destination community. Spring Break brings necessary revenue to our businesses and owners. So when you inevitably cross paths with some “well lubricated” college students, or a family with small children, please welcome them. Be patient with them. Invite them back. Show them why our island is the best place to live!