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Resolutions – they put a pep in our step, they make us excited for the year, they give us something to jump out of bed for. Then mid-February hits. Suddenly you’re a bit worn out. Let’s transform that once “pep” to “prep” and give your home a bit of a facelift! Whether you’re looking to sell soon, put touches on a home you’re looking to purchase soon, or just want to change things up a bit, that’s one resolution that will keep on giving. Here are some inspiring trends entering the design scene in 2019.


Less is more. Sustainability will be popular this year. Think about each piece in your home and whether it serves an important purpose. Add baskets to discontinue potential “stuff” from lying around, as clutter can contribute to stress. Mid-century, modern-chic inspired pieces are making a comeback. Sleek and modest lines are comforting yet force simplicity at the same time. Effortless ways to bring the mid-century style in to your home is through vintage light fixtures, trough sinks, shag throw rugs, or any piece of furniture with gold legs. When it comes to flooring, consider going light with a matte finish.


GREEN. All shades of it. Try to keep lighter versions (like an oyster bay, eggshell mineral green, or light mint) on the walls and save an emerald green for a velvet covered chair or bold houseplants. All-season color palettes are important so you’re not feeling the innate need to change the wall color when it starts warming up or cooling down. For those who prefer less bold, a new age of neutral is in. Instead of grey and white, take a look at the earth and grounds around you and take inspiration from what you see. Driftwood, skipping stones, a baby deer, rain clouds, your favorite root vegetable, Island sunsets…whatever it is that calls to you! This helps counteract our often unnatural lifestyles.


Popular patterns to try in 2019 are geometric, tribal, and floral. Accent walls are a great way to invite these in. Don’t be afraid to try a wallpaper of texture to one wall in a room. Metals – especially when mixed, are going to be huge this year. You’re kitchen faucet, cabinet pulls, and coffee maker do not have to be the same! With the right balance, the difference is actually quite rich and glamorous. Same as the “it” colors mentioned above, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite will be taking place of the “techy” design trends from 2018. Move on to add the “cozy” accents. Feature textured pillows and soft throw blankets to give that warmth. Neutral-colored walls and furniture spiced up by bright jewel-toned accessories bring the pop (take aforementioned velvet accent chair). Layering will also be seen more – rugs on top of rugs and lots of throw pillows will bring a focal point to any space.


Open your closet – do you see bright colors and lots of patterns? Or do you tend to stick to classics, solids, and neutrals? Your home should be a reflection of you, just like your wardrobe. Pick your absolute favorite article of clothing, and use it as your inspiration using the above tips and trends. Before you know it, your 2019 home update is going to be so you and so refreshing.

And the best news is that interior trends are keeping a longer shelf life!