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Now that we’re halfway through the year, 2019 is revealing some trends that may interest any of you potential seller(s) or buyer(s). And some may surprise you! I’ll skip the hashtags and rhetoric, and get straight to them.

  1. PRICES ARE RISING. Albeit slowly, but they are on the up. Isn’t that why we own? Real estate is meant to be an appreciating asset, so this makes us happy. For sellers, this means you can expect to net a little more than perhaps you expected. As mom would say, don’t spend it all in one place. But, be aware of the competition, price accordingly, and do not get discouraged if you’re not getting as much activity as you’d like. Due to higher prices, there may be fewer buyers and therefore fewer showing appointments and offers. Be patient, it will come. Because, what this means for buyers is…you need to save a bit longer and perhaps sacrifice a “want” or two. Concentrate more on your “needs” than “what would be nice” in a home. Be in close touch with your lender, understand the numbers, what is expected of you throughout the process, and take the time to save up for what it is you want.
  1. MILLENNIALS! Don’t cringe, they are your friends…they are your BUYERS! Move aside, baby boomers and Gen Xers! The Millennials are now older, have stable careers, and currently account for roughly 45% of home purchases! This so happens to be at a good time, as baby boomers are downsizing and/or retiring. As a seller, keep these things in mind when speaking to your agent about marketing. Millennials shop online – be sure your hired agent has taken professional photos, has spent quality time on a detailed property description, and truly knows about your home, as once it gets input in to the local MLS, the internet sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and the like pick it up. If it doesn’t look or sound enticing, they’ll quickly move on. If you can, prep your home to be more energy efficient and maintenance free as possible. We’re seeing a movement toward quality over size, so declutter, brighten up, and maybe replace that oven with one that can be operated by a phone application. Buyers, know what you want and be quick when you are in fact ready…if you like it, your friends will, too! And do not forget to use an experienced real estate agent. It is a free service to YOU!
  1. We’ve talked on this topic before, but the interest rates are higher than they’ve been in recent years’ past. Despite grumblings, it’s actually a good thing! To help stabilize the strong economy and rising inflation during the past few years, the Federal Reserve increased short-term interest rates. It’s somewhat natural to see a trickle-down effect to the bank level like what we’re seeing now with mortgage interest rates. What it means in short is that more people are willing to spend and borrow money. We just need to know how to react to this as a seller and a buyer. Sellers, your home may be on the market a bit longer, so plan for this by maybe listing a bit earlier than you may otherwise would have wanted to. Your best bet is to hire a local agent who understands the current market. They’ll help you set expectations for how much you can make and how long you’ll have to wait for the right offer. Buyers, taking out a mortgage is like getting married – you’re going to be together a long time! It’s normal to need to take a moment to make this commitment, especially when the rates are higher than they may have wanted. Believe it or not, rates are still relatively low. If you’re not buying with cash, check with your lender on the terms of a conventional 15-year fixed-rate mortgage. You may find that route beneficial.

Maybe all this sounds great, but you currently have no interest in selling or purchasing. It’s still good news for you! Prices are supposed to continue to steadily increase by 2-6% by 2020. People are spending money, employment rates are high, and cash-buyers are becoming more common. There is no reason to believe a crash is anywhere in sight. So kick your feet up and breathe easy!

Article by: Whitney Noble, Real Estate Agent Coastline Properties