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Home Habits To Kick

Did Harvey leave you sleeping with one eye open? What about the possibility of floods, fires, or sinkholes swallowing your sofa? Although the scare of natural disasters keep us a bit on edge, perhaps we should be more afraid of our own habits. Here’s a short list of a few common problems that may actually be human error!

Dragging doors – NO, you probably don’t have foundation issues…not here on the Island at least. This trait may be attributed to your dry cleaning! Or any garment you may hang on your knobs. Yes, your handsome hardware has lured you again. Don’t be tempted by convenience; bring your clothes to your closets.

Air pressure imbalance – I think we can all agree that our interior temperature is important to our happiness and overall well-being. However, did you know you could be messing with it by simply shutting the vents in a particular space if you’re too hot or too cold in there? Refrain from shutting vents to cool or heat a room, which may be tempting if you and your housemates prefer different temperatures. But, long term this could push your furnace in to overdrive and possibly even cause the cooling coil to freeze. And nobody wants to be on the AC tech’s waiting list in the middle of August!

Toilet tank repair – Okay, potty talk can seem ill-bred. But what’s worse than being on the AC tech’s list? Being on the plumber’s. I, for one, hail bleach for nearly all my germ-y cleaning jobs. But tackling the inside of the tank is one place you should really opt for a specialty product. Dropping a bleach tablet in there is quick and easy – however; the strong chemical can cause the plastic and rubber parts of the flushing mechanism to become brittle and break.

Cruddy grout – Vinegar. It is AWFUL on grout. Although this inexpensive, multi-purpose household juice is effective on windows, wood, tiles, and pickling your favorite veggies, it should not be used on grout. The acids slowly dissolve the grout (which is alkaline based), causing it to become yellow, crumbly, and over time in need of a complete re-floor. Remodel your kitchen on YOUR terms – not vinegar’s terms.

Food spoiling – Let’s face it, a full fridge feels good. The next dreaded lengthy grocery shop is at least a week away, and your family is thrilled with all the goodies. But, is your fridge happy? Nope. Your fridge is now strained. Did you know that this cooling box functions best when it’s not at full capacity? Stuffed to the brim, the vents where the cold air is released are blocked, causing poor circulation. Result? Your precious and prideful produce will actually spoil faster. #FoodFail

Rusty railings – Paint is our friend…but not when it’s used directly over rust! We’re all riddled with the case of the rusties here. This salt air is rough on our outside “things” and the only way to truly ensure you’re not constantly painting your railings and other rusty items is to thoroughly scrape and sand it down first. Applying paint directly to the area will result in the new paint from failing to “grab on” due to the iron oxide in the rust. So reach for the sander prior to the paint brush, and you won’t be stuck painting every season!

Faded floors – Natural light does wonders for our moods…but actually can fade your floors over time. The harsh Texas UV rays can cause premature fading and discoloration of all types of flooring material. No need to live like a bat though, just remember to close your blinds when you leave the house each day to keep them looking fresh. This will also help with your energy bills…double win!

Warping deck boards – Ever get the feeling your deck is aging quicker than your neighbors? I’d bet you also like to keep things tidy and out of sight? If you’re the type to use the space under your deck as storage, you may be the reason the life of your wood is short. The improper air circulation from packing too much away is resulting in your deck to live dog years.

We all take pride in our homes. But are we actually treating them with the love we’d only give to something we have a 30-year commitment to? Try to kick these few bad habits that actually do cause damage. After all, we do love where we live!

Author Whitney Noble – Coastline Properties Real Estate