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How to Be an Eco-Friendly Entrepreneur

A quick primer on steps you can take starting today to build a greener business for tomorrow.

We all know that we have to go green to save the planet for our children and grandchildren. But, how can we do that in a way that aligns with our business goals? If you’re planning to become an entrepreneur in the near future, the Padre Island Business Association shares a few quick tips on getting started.

What Does It Mean to Be Green?

The term “going green” is a catch-all phrase that describes the practice of doing things that are better for the earth. University of the People Explains that this encompasses pollution reduction, energy conservation, waste reduction, and lowering consumption levels. As a future business owner, you must think about the ways that you can have a positive impact on the environment. A few examples include:

  • Manufacture long-lasting clothing. If you are a clothing designer, plan on using quality materials to create classic pieces that will last. In today’s world of fast fashion, we have become a society accustomed to consuming and discarding with little thought of how it might affect the environment.
  • Rent/buy an energy-certified building. An energy-certified building is one that is sustainable and efficient in many areas, including energy and water. Your location, the materials used to construct your building, and even the indoor air quality are all evaluated. Look for a LEED building that allows you to passively promote environmental sustainability while you work.

Cost and Savings

Regardless of your intention, your goal as a business owner is to turn a profit. Can you do that while also going green? The answer is yes.

When you run a business that promotes environmental sustainability, you will attract customers that have the same ideals. And, it’s likely not as expensive as you think. Although there will be some initial expenses outside of the realm of normal, such as the installation of solar panels or using alternative building materials. However, the vast majority of green upgrades will save you money over the long term. Do your research to see what you could save each month by going green and measure that against the initial cost. You may find that you break even or better within just a few years.

Getting the Word Out

Getting the word out about your business is another crucial step in your entrepreneurship journey. You can keep the environment at the forefront of your efforts here as well. One idea: hire a remote marketing person. By using off-site staff, you cut down on emissions and can enjoy some potential cost savings. You can save money when you opt for a freelancer marketing, but be sure to find someone who understands your vision and where you want to take your branding. Bear in mind you’ll likely have to share a lot of files with your freelancer, so avoid paper and mailing costs by taking the time to compress PDF and JPG files for sending.

Green Businesses That Made It

Many people consider being eco-friendly and green as little more than a passing trend. The truth is that it should not be a trend, and we owe it to ourselves and our children to protect the planet. There are many major businesses that feel the same way. Just a few environmentally-friendly corporations include IKEA, Panasonic, Patagonia, and Nike.

As you plan out your financial future, make a point to keep Mother Nature in mind. If today’s business leaders don’t step up, we may have nothing to pass down to future generations. While no single blog post can possibly cover every component of eco-entrepreneurship, the talking points above can help you get started.

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