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Long Term Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War

Sometimes in human history, wars between two countries have caused permanent, dramatic
changes in the beliefs and attitudes of the world’s people. I believe the Russia-Ukraine war is
one. It has caused world fossil fuel prices for oil to rise from about $60 per barrel to $100 plus
per barrel. World natural gas prices went up 5 times. US gasoline prices went up by over a dollar
per gallon to about $5.40 per gallon. Similar increases occurred throughout the industrial world
of Japan and Europe.

For the first time in 20-plus years of Global warming hysteria, the world’s people are learning
how critical fossil fuels (coal-oil-gas) are to their country’s economy and their own personal
well-being. The situation is much worse in European countries. For more than 20 plus
years, their residents demanded the country’s leaders replace fossil fuels (coal-oil-gas) with
green (wind-solar-biomass). The leaders responded and built wind and solar electric power
projects with tax incentives. Nobody considered that European weather is probably the worst in
the world for wind and solar. After being built, it was unreliable. Then they build gas power
plants because it is greener than coal.

Trouble is, they brought their gas from Russia because it was cheap and abundant. Nobody
considered that Putin and Russia are their enemies. Because European countries adopted sanctions against Russia because of its invasion of
Ukraine, Putin has reduced the gas supply to Europe by 80 percent. European countries and their
residents are facing critical shortages of gas to generate electric power and warm homes.
As people suffer around the world, they will realize they must have reliable sources of fossil
fuels for decades until green energy is available.

Author, Ralph Coker