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BBB Tip: Finding a Trustworthy Landscaper this Spring

The beginning of spring is just around the corner on Mar. 20 and as businesses and
homeowners prepare for warmer weather, many are also preparing to begin seasonal
projects. Whether focusing on the interior or exterior of their homes and businesses, BBB
reminds Texas residents to research businesses carefully before contracting services for
whatever improvement project they have planned.

In 2022, Texas residents reported $50,000 lost to fraudulent and unethical home
improvement contractors to BBB Scam Tracker with many reports detailing an experience
with a landscaper. Some reports describe contractors who required a substantial deposit for
supplies only to never begin work, and others who initially began the project but never
completed it.

“They started the stonework at the front of the house, but ended up damaging the yard and
sprinklers,” reported one Texas resident. “They also took money for concrete and pergola
work in my backyard and disappeared after. I have tried following up countless times, but
my calls and messages are ignored. We are just left with frustration.”
Hiring the right landscaper for your outdoor project is essential. Find the perfect fit for your
needs with these tips from your Better Business Bureau:

Do your research. After assessing your lawn needs, go to to find accredited
landscapers in your area. Visit their website to see if they offer the services you require and
check for previous customer reviews or complaints.
Get multiple estimates. Choose at least three businesses to get estimates from. This
allows you to see which company best meets your needs but be sure you understand the
scope of the work and what services are included. Be sure to ask about waste removal and
any additional charges.

Request an inspection. An estimate may not be entirely accurate if the landscaper has not
examined your yard first. An inspection lets them put eyes on your yard and determine
what work needs to be done. The contractors can more accurately estimate charges by
seeing your yard first-hand, minimizing the risk of additional charges being added later.
Check their licensing. In Texas, landscapers only need licenses if they use pesticides in
their lawn care projects. Visit the Texas Department of Agriculture online at to check if the landscaper holds a commercial pesticide applicator
license before agreeing to that type of service.

Write it down. Get any estimates, contracts and receipts in writing to keep for your
records. Review the contract closely before you sign and consider paying with a credit card
instead of cash or check. When possible, BBB recommends staggering payments throughout
the length of the project rather than paying a large percentage of the total cost upfront.
For more tips on finding a trustworthy landscaper or other home improvement contractor,