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New BOOK – Best Business Practices

In this column I have previously reviewed several nonfiction books. In this column I am privileged to
preview my own book, “Best Business Practices”.

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Chapter 1: Keys to Business Success and Ownership Summary
 Large success consists of many small tasks done well.
 It is the size of your heart that counts, not your brain or personality.
 Persistence and endurance always win over brilliance.
 As in sports, luck sometimes brings business success; however, you must be in the game, not
safe on the sidelines.

Chapter 2: Marketing and Selling Summary
 Marketing is what you do to get potential customers in the door of your store or office or on
your website and social media pages. Selling is what you do to make a sale after they are there.
 Marketing and selling are the essential life blood of a business. If the business owner or
manager are unwilling to be the chief marketer and salesperson, find other employment.
 Each market is unique. If a product or service sells well in one market, that dos not mean it will
sell well in other markets.
 Businesses should strive to achieve two thirds of their customers as loyal, repeat customers.
Two thirds of their new customers should come by referral from their loyal, repeat customers.
 Discount to make a profitable sale this time or in the future. Never discount at a loss.

Chapter 3: Financial Planning and Management Summary
 Cash is king! If you run out of cash or credit to pay bills when due, you fail.
 Despite late-night TV and radio ads, there is no free money, only loans.
 If you sell on terms, there is no cash sale until you collect.
 Get a bank loan line of credit while the business is thriving. You cannot get it when the business
is in trouble and needs it.

Chapter 4: Business Management Skills Summary
 If you assign a task to a subordinate worker without your regular follow up, it will never get
 If you have 20 subordinate workers and delegate and manage them well, you increase your
personal output by 20 times.
 Without a goal and action plan to get there, you never accomplish anything.

Chapter 5: Worker Productivity Summary
 Businesspeople should control their smart phone and emails, not let it control them.
 Allowing the worker to decide how to perform a task is very satisfying and motivating.
If you want to learn more about the bullet points, read the book for free on Kindle Unlimited.