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Padre Island Golf Cart and Side-by-Side Rules of the Road

Golf Carts and Side by Sides are motor vehicles and must follow all
rules of the road. Equipment requirements and driving restrictions
apply to these vehicles that do not apply to passenger vehicles,
A reflective orange, slow-moving vehicle triangle is required and must
always remain visible from the vehicle’s rear.State of Texas tags
are required, a golf “cart tag” for golf carts, and an
“off-highway” tag are required for side-by-sides. You may purchase tags
from the City of Port Aransas, or the City of Corpus Christi for a one-time
fee under $15.00, this is a lifetime state tag (one per vehicle). You must
present a bill of sale, or title with the vehicle serial number, and a valid
driver’s license. Proof of insurance is not required to register your

Headlights, taillights, and rearview mirrors are required. Seatbelts, turn
signals, brake lights, and a horn are optional. All drivers must use proper
hand signals if their vehicle is void of brake lights and turn signals.
Driving on or paralleling a State Highway including – SPID (South Padre
Island Drive), including the grass and the side of the road, is prohibited.
Hwy 361 towards Packery Channel includes crossing the intersection
from Commodores over SPID. By driving in these areas you could
receive a $500.00 fine for violators.

Driving on any road with a speed limit of over 35mph is prohibited.
Drivers must be at least 16 years of age and possess valid driver’s

Seat belts are recommended, but not required for all drivers and
passengers, children of appropriate ages are encouraged to use car

Always drive on the right side of the road to allow vehicles to pass by
unless turning left or the traffic signs direct you differently.
A Beach Permit is required on most beaches and can be purchased for
$12 at any of the gas stations on Padre Island.

The speed limit on all parts of the beach is 15 mph. All Parts! Beach line
driving (where the water meets the beach) is dangerous. For the safety
of beach pedestrians, drive only on the established passenger vehicle
paths up next to the dunes.
Driving on or in the dunes is strictly prohibited by law.
Always drive safely and responsibly – and Have Fun!