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Change Is Hard!

Since arriving in December 2013, I have seen so many changes with Padre Island businesses. There have been businesses that have opened and closed. There have been businesses that have gone through fires, floods and other destruction including Hurricane Harvey.  There have been businesses that have changed their plans or operations to match the changes in the economy and other curve balls thrown their way. There are businesses that will have to change their operations for potential growth in the coming years on this fine island.  Business owners and management know it will never be easy. The fun part for me has always been enjoying the fact that CHANGE is the only constant in life.

I look forward to change. And I see so many opportunities in the coming months and the coming years as Padre Island grows.  I want to leave a few comments here in perspective to the change that is on the horizon. The change might come from The Powers That Be(city, state or federal).  The change might come from local business owners that are you see at the beach or a restaurant here on Padre. The change might come from Corporation Headquarters hundred or miles away. The change might come from what real estate developers envision five or ten years from now.  The change may even come from a another natural disaster(hopefully not).

Wherever the change comes from, we all have the power to vote on which changes we agree with and which ones we do not. The voting I am referring to does not happen in actual voting booths, on social media or even chats with friends, family or neighbors, but in our daily transactions we make.  Each and every transaction is a choice and a vote for that activity, service or product to continue to be there the next time you choose again. I believe economic growth is a function of 1-more consumers, 2-more transactions and definitely 3-Both! Be ultra conscious of that as you vote, especially when cumulative daily choices are small votes that in larger numbers initiate change.

Change is hard. Maybe you guessed right and the change happens your way. Maybe you guessed wrong and the change happens against you. Please remember that is the fun part about this. Our choices are transactions that are counted as votes for or against something! Maybe if we accept all change as positive, we will find that change is NOT hard.

2018 is going to be an awesome year for businesses on Padre Island. Especially if we encourage MORE PEOPLE to do MORE TRANSACTIONS on the finest pile of sand in the Gulf of Mexico!

James Gay, President

Padre Island Business Association