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Is the Communist Government of China a Threat to the Rest of the World?

Under the present all-powerful president, Xi Jinping, it is.  Xi Jinping has an ideology for China that he calls “the China dream”.  According to Xi Jinping, China and its people have always been the superior country and people of the world for the last 2,000 years.  However, China and its people have been victimized by the US and Europe and deprived unfairly of their rightful place in world history.  That is a similar victimization ideology that Hitler used to deceive the German people and the Japanese military leaders used to deceive the Japanese people in World War II.  That ideology led to the destruction of Germany and Japan and terrible suffering for the world.  Victimization ideology coupled with absolute ruler for life is extremely dangerous for the world.

China’s last absolute ruler for life, Mao Zedong, caused great suffering and death for the Chinese People with his oppressive rule.  After his death in 1989, the party distributed power among numerous key leaders who provided checks and balances on each other and required a consensus among them for all major policies.  Under consensus leadership, it avoided conflict with its neighbors and the rest of the world.

Xi Jinping changed that.  He has been in constant conflict with China’s neighbors and the rest of the world.  He recently violated the agreement with the U.K. and forced Hong Kong to become an integrated part of China.  In violation of international agreements, he is claiming sovereignty over the South China Sea.  He is claiming sovereignty over Taiwan, an independent sovereign country recognized by the rest of the world, and intends to take it by military force if he cannot coerce it to join China voluntarily.  He has waged armed military action with India over territory disputes.  He is waging cyber warfare against the US and Europe to steal military secrets and intellectual property (IP).

So, what should the US and Europe do to defend themselves against the China communist party?

First, we must recognize that the party does not represent the will or have the loyalty of the Chinese people.  Only about 5 percent of the Chinese 1.3 billion people belong to the party.  The other 95 percent hate and distrust the party because of the suffering and pain the party has inflicted on them during its 71 years of absolute rule.  The people will tolerate the party rule only if it can produce rapid economic growth that raises people from poverty to prosperity

Over 2,000 years, the Chinese people have often rebelled and replaced the emperor dynasties when they became too corrupt and oppressive.  Oppressive, corrupt dictator governments cannot survive revolutions by the people.  The party is extremely corrupt.  Party leaders sell all-party promotions, government, and military promotions to the highest bidder regardless of ability and become extraordinarily rich.  After enough time, all leadership positions will be held by incompetents, and those unjustly passed over to become bitter and resentful.  As a result, the loyalty and morale of lower-level party members is poor.  The lower levels of the police and military are not party members.  When the revolution comes the party can only suppress it with armed force.  When the lower-level police and military are ordered to fire on their own people, will they follow orders or turn their fire on their leaders?  The US and Europe should recognize the people are our potential allies and act accordingly.

Second, the US and Europe should defend themselves from Xi Jinping aggressions.  We have never seriously confronted China’s aggression.

Third, we should be patient and wait for the party, government, and economy to collapse under its corruption, graft, theft, and inefficiency.  Communist China is not an invincible giant.  The party, government, and economy are very weak and vulnerable because the party does not have the loyalty of the people.

Fourth, the Chinese people are extremely loyal to their family and village neighbors and proud of their culture.  The US and Europe must never invade China with foreign troops.  That would unite the people who would fight the foreign troops to the death as they fought the Japanese in World War II.  Instead, we should fight to defend the South China Sea, Taiwan, India, and in cyber space.

Ralph Coker

Bio: Ralph Coker is a retired petroleum refinery plant manager.  He writes on business, economic, political, and military topics