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Happy New Year & Thank You

I want to thank you for all your support and providing me the opportunity to serve another four year term. I appreciate being your Nueces County Commissioner for Precinct 4 and look forward to God willing, serving out another term. Thank you. I also want to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year! While I am grateful for everyday God gives me to say 2017 was tough because of Hurricane Harvey is a massive understatement. So personally I am looking forward to 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR!



At our recent commissioners court meeting the court unanimously approved for the I B Magee enhancement project to go out for bid. Now let me try and articulate how this works. There is significant storm damage to our facilities. Those improvements have to go through the FEMA reimbursement program which is painfully long and drawn out. So that part of the rebuild will be slow. The new part of I B Magee that is new improvements can move forward on a normal pace and are. We will have a groundbreaking in 2018 and will keep you posted as to when that date is set.



The land sale with the Port and County for 6.8 million dollars is moving forward and should close soon. This is a large portion of land in what is referred to as Road District 4 which lies in the heart of my precinct. We are looking at how to appropriately spend that money that will benefit the taxpayers of Nueces County. I am always looking for ways to avoid a property tax increase if at all possible. This is, I believe a good deal to help the Port in their long term economic goals and according to the independent appraisal we received a very fair price for the land and return for Nueces County.



While I hate to end my article on a negative note I know of no other way to address FEMA. Their actions have been a disaster with little relief. Their processes are difficult at best. People have fallen through the cracks. People have given up even trying to get through to FEMA for help because it is just so hard to navigate their system. In Port Aransas 33 Port Aransas families have received trailers to live in. Not one of these was provided by FEMA but by volunteer efforts out of the goodness of people’s hearts. FEMA has not come to the rescue. They have left many hanging. It has been a colossal disaster and someone somewhere in Washington DC needs to do something about it. The very reason that FEMA exists is to help in times of emergencies. Their policies are not helpful nor are their practices. In Port Aransas, Rockport, Aransas Pass and all hit on the coast FEMA should have and could have ridden on a white horse. Instead they have millions and millions of dollars to help with and while they have spent some of it, they have wasted much of it and have left many hanging out to dry. Months have passed after the storm and only a handful of people have been helped with housing. When I say housing I do not mean a hotel room. That is ok for a while but come on. How long does it really take? How would you like to spend your Christmas with your family in a hotel room 4 months after a hurricane? My frustration is far past the boiling point.  If I tweeted, I would tweet this to President Trump; “FEMA is broken and people are suffering. Please do something now”. Since I don’t tweet I can only hope someone somewhere will hear my plea and those of others affected and really do something about it.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve and God Bless you all.

Brent Chesney, Nueces County Commissioner Precinct 4

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