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BBB offers New Year’s resolutions for your business

By Kelly Trevino, Regional Director, Coastal Bend Better Business Bureau  

It’s 2018, and we all have our own personal New Year’s resolutions. Whether your resolution is to join a gym, eat healthier or take more vacations, your BBB encourages business owners to make resolutions that build on successful strategies to rejuvenate your business.  

BBB offers the following resolutions to incorporate into your business’s plan for 2018:  

  • Learn how to delegateand do more of it. Small business owners wear many hats, and this can cause business owners to become overwhelmed. To avoid burnout, create a comprehensive list of tasks, and determine what tasks can be delegated to increase your own productivity. Set aside time for your own personal recharge, too. Your business will thank you.
  • Continue marketing and incorporate promotions. To continue growing your business in 2018, remember to keep promotions and marketing efforts fresh. Take the time to create a monthly marketing and promotions schedule that incorporates special offerings, advertising or special events and stick to it. If marketing isn’t your area of expertise, consider hiring a marketing expert, whether on a contract basis or a full-time staff position.
  • Join a new business organization or networking group. Speaking with industry colleagues can give you new ideas and create connections to position you as an industry leader.
  • Set realistic goals. What does success look like for your business? Do you have an annual revenue goal? Do you want to grow your customer base by 25 percent in 2018? Are you looking to expand your service area? Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based) goals and plan what strategies you need to employ to achieve your goals. Smart short-term goals can be the key to long-term success.
  • Make customer service a priority. Providing great customer service and asking for feedback is a great way to showcase the way you do business. Many consumers use customer reviews as a research tool when looking for products and services.
  • Build your online presence. If you don’t have website, get one! There are many online and budget-friendly solutions to building a simple, effective website. If you have a website, be sure to update your hours of operations, contact information and review your privacy policies. Using social media to interact with your customers and provide contact information is another great way to market your business.

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